Research & Development


Being a research driven enterprise with our inherent passion for chemistry, our R&D is the backbone of our organisation.

Run by a highly qualified team of professionals, custom synthesis is performed in accordance with the new generation API requirements. With world class capabilities and technological insight, we add value to the customer by reducing the transition time between drug discovery and development.

Survival R&D center, is a dedicated facility of 42,000 sq.ft area

  • Laboratory approved by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research)

  • Total area of around 35,000 + Sq ft

  • 15+ Synthetic R&D Labs (5 Fume Hood and Walk-in hood in Each Lab)

  • Dedicated Area of ~ 3500 Sq. ft. for State of art facility for the scale up from gram to kilogram.

  • Autoclaves from capacity 1.0 Ltrs to 5.0 Ltrs.

  • Focused on development of non-infringing processes.

  • Capability of handling highly complex and hazardous reactions with utmost safety and efficiency.

  • Expert in multi-step synthesis, high pressure reaction, Chiral synthesis, catalysis and organometallic reaction.

  • Custom synthesis of milligram to gram to multi kilo scale of targets under one roof.

  • Contract research and discovery services from milligram to gram scale

  • Reaction Capabilities from -70°C to 250°C


  • State of art facility built for the scale up of products from grams to kilograms.

  • Process optimization at different batch size.

  • Combined volume of over 1700 Lit. scale up capabilities.

  • Flexibility to accommodate virtually any process requirement for scale up.

  • Capable of handling low temperature -30°C to high temperature up to 250°C and high-pressure reactions 30 Kg/cm2.